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What is Inner Cleansing & why do I need it?colon

The body is a machine. It follows the same operational guide lines that all machines are subject to. In order to run well the body must be kept internally clean.

Our bodies get polluted from the accumulation of impurities in our food, water and air. The negative effects these impurities can cause on the body is staggering.

Experts recommend periodic inner cleansing to loosen up and dissolve these impurities. To not do so is flirting with disaster.

3 Months to a Better You.

The Whole Body and Colon Formula are designed to eliminate impurities
over a 3 month period.

colon cleansingWhat the Program Does:

The Colon Program
cleanses your colon and intestines.

The Whole Body Program
helps to cleanse the body.

Ideally you should have 1 elimination (bowel movement) per meal. Constipation is defined as: Less than 1 elimination per meal eaten. Experiment with the tablets and see how many you need to achieve this goal. Do not overdue it, be patient, the process takes 3 months.

Intensive, Deep Inner Cleansing
Intensive Deep cleansing is an individual thing. Through experimentation, you will establish how many of each tablet formula you will need. Relax, there is no way to speed up the process. Drink plenty of water, 80 ounces, or more, a day.

Follow Up Maintenance of Your Cleanse
After you FINISH your intensive 3 months of cleansing, wait 3 weeks & then use both products again for 1 week. By maintaining this routine of 3 weeks off and 1 week on, you will maintain the benefits of your intensive 3 month cleanse, for up to two years.

Do you need to do a cleanse?

1) Have less than 1 bowel movement 
per meal eaten?
2) Are you more than 10 pounds over weight?
3) Are you tired and sluggish?
4) Do you have food allergies?
5) Do you crave breads or sugary sweets?
6) Do you rarely exercise?
7) Does your skin breakout?
8) Do you have bad breath?
9) Do you have to mask body odor with a scent?
10) Never done an inner body cleanse before?
11) Do you eat dairy products?
12) Do you need caffeine to get up?

If you answered yes to 3 or more of the above or yes to #1, 2 or 10 you should use the Whole Body and Colon Program.


Instructions for Use

Use both formulas before, during or just after breakfast and dinner, 6 days a week, for 3 months.

Colon Formula 1 Tablet 
Whole Body Formula 3 Tablets

As an appetite suppressant use both formulas half an hour before breakfast and dinner. DO NOT TAKE WITH LUNCH.


Colon Program

There are many, many people who are constipated (having less than 1 elimination per meal). Many of those want nothing more than a remedy to that problem. Over the years, The Colon Formula has been used as a remedy for this symptom.

The word symptom was chosen as Constipation is a symptom. It may be a symptom that only has 4 keys to it and is easily remedied or it could have 10 or 15 keys including environment, job etc.

Depending of how good of a detective you are at discovering your keys to good health, may dictate if you are in the "Colon Formula is all I need" to feel good group or not. Really no one needs to take our Colon Formula for more than 3 months. But, the mystery of health is a complex one so if you need more than the usual 3 months, so be it.

Don't be surprised if we try to help you thru water, diet and other supplements, so that you do not feel the need to live on The Colon Formula.


Herbs in Whole Body Program

Barberry Root
Peppermint Leaf
Mullein Leaf
Sarsaparilla Herb
Chickweed Herb
Burdock Root
Yarrow Flower
Fenugreek Seed
Cayenne Fruit
Bupleurum Root
Dandelion Root
Irish Moss
Oregon Grape Root
Golden Seal Root
Milk Thistle
Safflower Herb 
Peach Leaves
Licorice Root 
Yellow Dock Root
Prickly Ash Bark
Ginger Root
Echinacea Root
Black Cohosh Root

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